Pratiti Beldner

A strong interest in complementary healing led Pratiti to begin studying massage and bodywork therapy in 1984. After running a successful massage practice for ten years, she became intrigued with what she heard about Bowenwork, a type of therapy new to the USA.

Pratiti scheduled an appointment for a Bowenwork session. After the very first session repetitive strain injuries she had – from years of doing deep-tissue massage – started to heal. Now this was exciting! Pratiti had learned that gentle touch could stimulate profound healing at a much deeper level than she’d ever seen with other therapies.

Pratiti attended her first Bowenwork course in 1996 and began introducing her clients to its many benefits. In 1998 she completed Bowenwork training and became a Professional Bowenwork Practitioner.

Pratiti’s mission is to provide gentle, effective healthcare in a safe and serene environment. Sessions at her clinic not only include relaxing hands-on treatments, but also health education and suggestions for improving total wellness.

In 2007 Pratiti became certified by The Bowenwork Academy of Australia, as a Registered Bowenwork Instructor – 1 of 11 in the USA. Her teaching style provides a relaxed, comfortable classroom atmosphere. She honors each student’s questions, prior experiences and learning style and incorporates them into the classroom experience for the benefit of all.