Overview of the Bowenwork Academy Curriculum

The Bowenwork® curriculum is designed to provide students with ample time to practice and develop an understanding of the power of the moves.

In 14 days of Bowenwork training with instructors from the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (BTAA), you will learn this comprehensive health system that enables you to aid a person’s recovery from a large range of internal and musculoskeletal conditions, along with procedures that balance, address, and promote healing throughout specific areas of the body.

The Bowenwork procedures taught in Modules 1-7 are necessary in order to become certified as a Professional Bowenwork Practitioner. Each module is 16-classroom-hours long. The content of each module is standard in every country where BTAA-approved instructors teach. This means you can travel and study with any combination of BTAA-approved instructors and still be assured that you will have learned the same procedures as all of your classmates, regardless of their previous instructors.

Other information about the modules:

  • Students take modules in sequence, as each one builds on the previous modules.
  • Each module is taught in two consecutive days.
  • When only one module is taken at a time, at least one month must elapse between it and the next.
  • When two modules are taken back to back, two months must elapse before taking the next two modules.
  • 10 case studies and 50 logbook hours are due on the first day of Module 7.

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Pricing & Content

MODULE 1 $470 ($395 tuition + $75 annual registration fee)
  • The Bowenwork Move
  • Lower Back Procedure
  • Upper Back Procedure
  • Neck Procedure
  • Kidney Procedure
  • Head Procedure
  • Working with a Client
  • Prerequisites: none
MODULE 2 $395
  • Respiratory Procedure
  • Shoulder Procedure (with an Assistant)
  • Shoulder Procedure (without an Assistant)
  • Hamstring Procedure
  • Cramp Procedure
  • Prerequisites: Module 1
MODULE 3 $395
  • Pelvic Procedure
  • Elbow/Wrist Procedure
  • Sacral Procedure
  • Knee Procedure
  • Prerequisites: Module 2
MODULE 4 $395
  • Ankle Procedure (with Strapping)
  • Upper Respiratory/TMJ Procedure
  • Forearm Procedure
  • Bowenwork Seated
  • Procedures for Babies and Children
  • Hammer Toe Procedure (with Strapping)
  • Bunion Procedure
  • Tom Bowen’s Home Remedies
  • Prerequisites: Module 3
MODULE 5 $395
  • Coccyx Procedure
  • North Procedure (Shoulder)
  • East Procedure (Shoulder)
  • South Procedure (Shoulder)
  • West Procedure (Shoulder)
  • Gall Bladder Procedure
  • Chest Procedure
  • Prerequisites: Module 4
MODULE 6 $395
  • 5A or 7A Medially Procedure (Hamstrings)
  • Bursitis Procedure
  • Recommendations to Assist Conception
  • Perineal Procedure
  • Bedwetting Procedure
  • Thoracic Procedure
  • Buttock Pain Procedure
  • Ossie’s Recommendations
  • Prerequisites: Module 5
MODULE 7 $450
  • Module 7 is a two-day practical skills assessment, required for certification as a Professional Bowenwork Practitioner.
  • Module 7 includes a written test.
  • We highly recommend that you attend a Review Class before taking Module 7.
    Prerequisites: One month elapsed after Module 6 attendance, plus completion of 10 case studies and 50 log hours.

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