Introductory Class

In this introductory workshop you will learn how to perform Bowenwork “moves”, how the Bowenwork Technique works, what conditions it can help and how it was discovered. This is a hands-on, experiential class where we will practice Bowenwork on each other. You will also receive handouts that include detailed directions and pictures to help you remember what you’ve learned.

This class is appropriate for the general public, massage therapists, nurses, chiropractors, physical therapists and anyone who wishes to know more about Bowenwork.

Upcoming classes:

New schedule coming soon. Please check back again, or call 503-397-0429.

Investment $95.00 at the beginning of class.

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During class we will practice on each other through clothing. Please wear or bring lightweight, loose-fitting clothing such as elastic waist stretchy shorts/pants and lightweight knit or jersey shirts.